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East - Duke Street, Dennistoun

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I have been working away on this Duke Street inspired artwork for the last month. With Duke Street being one of the longest streets in Europe I had a lot to fit in. 'East' has so many details that celebrate current time as well as some historical features too. 
Did you know for example the history of Buffalo Bill in Dennistoun? You can read more about it here. I have feature the statue that you can find off Whitehill street. I have him ghostly bucking away at the bus stop. 
Another historical point of interest is the Whitevale Baths, these where affectionally called The Steamie. Although this building lies derelict, the building holds many fond memories. The locals gathered here for bathing and laundry, a real heart of the community. A brilliant BBC documentary tells the story of the community. It tells of how Reidvale Housing Association fought for Duke Street's residents and tenements. 
'The Secret History of our Streets' - BBC  Watch it here. 
I normally only make contemporary references in my work but Duke street has many loyal residents that have lived there for lifetimes. Therefor there are so many memories of the area that needed to be reflected in this piece. There are favourites like Coia's that have been part of the community for years (EST. 1928) 
Have you popped in for flowers from Alison and Gail of Florresters? Alison told me today that she designed her own shop front, its her handwriting that created the signage. She was delighted when a signwriter copied it perfectly, now its been captured in this artwork. 
Walking around the first day I saw these amazing steeple chasers at the top of Dennistoun New Paris Church. I loved the image and had to capture that moment. 
I have a softspot for Roslea drive as I lived there for 6 months one summer. I woke to the smell of baked bread every morning, as my bedroom window was tucked beside Tapa bakery, bliss. 
Special shoutout to East Coffee Company, the boys have created an amazing new addition to the Dennistoun strip. Mainly because one of them is my brother and I wish him all the success in the world and am bursting with sisterly pride, go Niall! Sean your my bro too of course. 
There is lots to find in this artwork. I hope you enjoy finding more every time you look and it has captured some of your memories and experiences of this amazing community. Long live Duke Street. 

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