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'Bungo Lanes'

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The weekend I first opened the doors to the new Southside shop, Bungo in the Back Lanes was on. The sun was out and summer was officially here! It was such an amazing backdrop for my first weekend of trade that I couldn't help but be inspired. My first artwork from the new location was going to celebrate the lanes of Strathbungo. 


Alexander 'Greek' Thomson was the architect behind Moray Place. Named so due to his love of all things Greek. I particularly love this street, I walk along it most days to the studio, one day I'll live somewhere this beautiful, you never know.  Have a look inside here

 The joy of living and working in  Pollokshields is that you are part of  a exciting, creative community. Window Wanderland is and amazing excample of this spirit in action. When residents use their windows as a canvas on a dark winter night. See here are some window designs of past years and the gold dressed brass band, Brass,Aye? 


I have made this artwork available as a print, three card designs and just ordered 8 metres of fabric featuring the design. What to make with the fabric? Ideas on a postcard.

Print available here. 



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