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Inside the Shop/Studio this week Libby is working on Victoria Road in Glasgow's southside. 

Our video captures a tiny insight into the beginning process of how Libby captures one side (otherside will become a work in progress very soon) of Victoria Roads Hussle. 

Since the shop opened in June we have been busy little shop keepers. Libby is now keen to get back into the studio and create. Libby is at the shop everyday but created a studio in the old kitchen. This way she can still run the shop but also still be the Artist she wants to be. 

Libby took a different approach and painted a wooden board for the first time. Immediately feeling a different texture she is able to build up the paint and create real depth to the painting. The depth and detail will look great.

Like the Shop Keeper series, Libby really goes all out and immerses herself in what she is about to paint. The more you look at Libbys artworks, the more you see. I think that what impresses people most. 

So give the video a watch and you can hear Libby speaking about painting Victoria Road. Get an idea of what we get upto in this little yellow box. We love watching Victoria Road grow! Don't you? That's why we choose to capture it now. Let's celebrate Glasgow! 


(author and videographer)

p.s Thanks for watching this small business grow


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