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Shopkeeper series

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This is my current work in progress in the studio, celebrating the amazing community of shops and their keepers around me. I've given myself the month to leave the shop, meet neighbouring shopkeepers and paint them. 


Let me introduce you to Shafia. He is the new owner of iStore Laptop and is seen here wistfully dreaming about his new sign that's coming next week, I've documented the old to make room for the new and wishing neighbour Shafia all the success in the world.



Today I met Milena of Molso Salon. She started her own hairdressers working mobile before setting up her first hairdressers on Alison Street. Molso was there for 4 years before moving to Pollokshaws Road 1.5 years ago. Every business has a journey and the scary decision to move to the more visible location has paid off and working a treat! Hi neighbour 👋I applaud all your hard work and 💇🏼skills!


Next in the Shopkeeper series meet Niall of Wee Beer Shop🍺Here he raises a glass of freshly poured beer to you. I raise one right back and say a big cheers to you Niall. You have been such a great shop neighbour since I arrived. From helping sourcing beer from Ride Brewing Co. for my opening party to always shouting out on Facebook about what I'm up to. So many folk have come in saying "saw you where here on Wee Beer's Facebook" So cheers to you for supporting all the brewers you stock and all the local small businesss too! 🍻FYI that beer was poured fresh out a keg, you can get growlers filled here. Awesome! 🍻


Hello Fi and Charlotte of Category is Books 👋This wife and wife team moved into their shop 6 months ago and have been welcoming ALL since. They have created a beautifully inclusive space to host queer focused events and to sell the amazingly LGBTQIA+ selection of books magazines, graphic novels, zines and badges. It was feeling pretty grey and rainy today but these two add a rainbow to anyone's day. Thank you both for making our wee corner of the Southside that even more colourful! ❤️💛💚💜💙


I first met Tavienne when she kitted out my shop with luscious greens. She was in her Barra's shop Tuck then. 6 months later she opened Apercu right next door to me! What a treat! I was so uber keen to know who was going to move in next door when I saw the 'To Let sign go up and delighted when it was Apercu🌱Tavienne has in those short months also opened Prickly Pear in Dennistoun. Go support your local plant shop now 🌱💚🌱Tavienne should feel so proud of such achievement in such a short time, creating jobs and joy with glorious greenery 💚🌱🚿🌱💚 she also has a love for wide legged goodness like me! So all in all, your awesome 💛


This is Koby Osei Adu! He is the South King 👑 in South King Barbers. Managing the place for a year now. I had to get him at a time when the place was quiet enough to chat, it's a bustling activity of chatter and laughter in there! The shop front is great, I really looked forward to capturing it , including an extra wee nod to his African heritage.


💛So the day I visited these two was a perfect example of why I'm loving this project so! 💚Jen made me a coffee and sat with Elaine and I for a big long introduction. We covered loads! From the joy of working with sisters, starting business that create jobs to help work around childcare, what's it like to be a woman in business , what it's like to be a shopkeeper, sharing stories of the reaction from people when we painted our own shop fronts, why our local community seams so special and the joy of the support from everyone. Elaine and Jen run this vintage shop, showcasing not only vintage wares but fantastic coffee as well. Thanks for moving in to my neighbourhood you couple of BAMS. P.S Jen, where did you get you#thefutureisfemale badge?


We are both quiet similar Emily Rose and I. We both are always covered in paint and really chuffed when standing in front of a shop with our name on it. We have been on a journey together, from the Hidden Lane in Finnieston where we first met to opening shop at the same time last year. She is just round the corner on Nithsdale road. Always a juggling act between creativity and running a shop (and a few extra juggling balls in your case) I got your back girl! Pop in to see vintage wares and furniture hand painted and restored by Emily herself. I love the handle collection, everything to inspire a project of your own. 🎨


I met Sam today, the founder of this wonderful social enterprise Merry-Go-Round Glasgow You can find a whole array of quality second hand kids clothes, accessories, toys, baby-ware, prams...the lot! Everything you would need at any point of parenthood. As Sam told me about their partnerships with outside charities- donating care packages for mums in need - I heard Spanish song flowing high from a room of parents singing along to their bouncing on knee babes.... one of the many meet-ups on the calendar.
It was so fantastic to hear the story and success of this amazing place. Some very exciting updates are coming soon, including a 7th birthday party on the 12th April - Sam may or may not be putting Prince’s Purple Rain on repeat 🤷‍♀️☔️💜.
To all future successes and developments! 💜💜


Myself, Lois and Nova all had a hand in this painting 😂 All shops you see have a journey of hard work and inspiration behind them. In my case 10 years of illustration and stall holding experience. My sister has found a space to put her 7 years of framing experience into. This little workshop isn’t technically a shop but I couldn’t help but paint this as it’s a perfect way to capture the dawn of a brand new venture. This captures the day we sadly painted over the old shops old sign to make room for the new. @logs_framing will be using this space to make frames for myself and other local businesses as she works 4 days helping me too. All working towards one day maybe being a full blown studio shop... watch this space and an exciting new business venture.
And that’s it! I gave myself a month to get out of my shop to meet other local shopkeepers. It’s been fantastic, a real joy to meet all the folk behind these independent ventures.
I’m getting these all framed up to exhibit in the shop, however I’ll be gifting the originals to the shopkeepers. Or even better swapping them for stuff in all these amazing wee shops around me!.
I’ll also be making a larger print of all the shops together as a print for you all to purchase. Make sure to sign up to my mailing list if you would like to know first when this will be available. (Bottom of website home page) 
I chose to end this project on an empty shop unit, one that won’t be empty for long, it’s not depressing, something new is coming soon... which person will work their magic in here? Any shopkeeper will tell you if the struggle of finding the perfect empty shop to make their dreams come true. Space is all we need to make it happen.Come on landlords and council, help us make our neighbourhood and community that even more vibrant. 💛💛💛


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