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I was commissioned by the Grosvenor, Hilton hotel to create 4 artworks. These can be seen hanging in the hotel foyer. 

The brief was to capture the history of the building over 4 pieces that would be hung in the foyer of the hotel. 

The outcome, 4 artworks. Industry 1880, Empire 1940 , Culture 1990 and Hope 2017. 


Industry 1880

The Partick Curling club was using the pond in the Botanics in 1842. You will find that's why one of the oldest pubs in Glasgow is the Curlers Rest. It gained its name by its regulars, then called the Curlers Tavern.

The Botanic Gardens hosted a railway station, it was in this time that tram lines were being built on Byres road and the Glasgow District Subway was opening. (1896)

Industry was booming at this time in the Clyde. This was the time of the Red Clydeside political uprising, generally thought to be the start of the Labour movement.

Empire 1940

You can see the the tram lines have been built and the tram is up and running. There have been technological advances, including the shipbuilding industry of the Clyde. The war was a massive blow to the country, 1941 was the year of the Clydebank Blitz. Churchill has moved up from war secretary to Prime Minister. I chose to capture Marilyn Monroe as a symbol of moving away from the celebration of monarchy and more towards the glamourous pin up as an inspiration of this era. 

In 1952 the Kelvingrove museum chose to spend the entire budget on the 'Christ of Saint John of the Cross' by Dali.  

Culture 1990

Glasgow celebrated 1990 as the year it was the City of Culture. Two years earlier Glasgow hosted the Garden Festival. Many people will remember fond memories of this spectacular event. A historic appointment was Donald Dewar who was Scotland's first prime minister as Scotland won the opportunity to have a devolved government.

During this period of high drama for the City, the hotel itself suffered a huge blow. On the 7th January 1978 the building was completely destroyed, leaving only the façade. You will see the Green Goddess pictured, saving the day. This was because the Firemen were on strike. Unfortunately timed with the botanic station burning too.

In this period, the Clydeside was going through a period of regeneration. The SECC opened in 1985, the first performance being UB40.

Hope 2017

This final artwork captures 17 years, up to the completion date in January 2017. You still see the hotel, now the Hilton with its two extra venues. BeGin and Bovine.

The longstanding Curlers Tavern is painted blue, past its journey as a scream pub painted yellow and now named Curlers Rest. Above is the mural in the updated Hillhead underground station. This was created by Alasdair Gray. You can see him at the top of this artwork.

The clydeside is seen to  go through its final part of regeneration.With the Science centre, Riverside museum and now the Hydro built. The Hydro opened in 2013. Rod Stewart being the debut performer.











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