The Shopfit Begins

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      I simply needed more space to expand into after 2 years at my Hidden Lane unit. This is the beginning of my Southside Studio Shop, with more space I'm looking forward to expanding my home ware range. Furniture, furnishings, fabrics, lighting, wall hangings and bespoke framing will fill the space. 

    So, I chose my area, found a unit and got my keys two months later for 613 Pollokshaws Road. It was a happy happy day. 

     When I first stepped through the door of the new unit, I had to first deal with what the previous tenant had left behind. It was previously a bike repair shop, so after a visit from a bike charity I then had to drop all the broken bits to the scrapyard. The rest of what was left went to the skip and the wood recycling centre. 

      Then I had to get the walls ready. Pulling off mounted chipboard that exposed so many holes on the walls. I really enjoyed this full on manual work and felt pretty proud of my new found D.I.Y skills. Its a great way to feel real ownership of a rented space.

       A week from getting the keys I had managed to clear the space, old counters, shelving, doors, the lot. I then repaired the plaster work and started painting everything! The blank canvas soon emerged.

Things where doing well until....


    I slipped and fell with the ladder, smashing my knee on the way. I now have had a week of heavy healing. 13 stitches are nearly ready to come out and I'm beginning to be able to bend my knee again! Phew.

   I'll admit that after a full tiring week of feeling very capable, it was a real shock to the system to have to stay still. However I'm so grateful nothing else worse happened! Nothing broken and my hands are safe. Being self employed, injuries like this are so stressful but I'm so happy the healing has been quicker than I predicted, what a magical body. 


     So a week behind in the shop fit now but next week brings the next chapter of the shopfit, which is even more painting.  My chosen colour pallet reflects Glasgow tenement sandstone and looking forward to working this into the shop fit design. 

So watch this space and continue following the shop fit on Instagram stories It is my favourite place for capturing the progress. 



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